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Mike Molina on the Issues:



We are in a housing crisis and we will need to come up with many ways to address this concern. I am committed to working with the Council and community stakeholders to include establishing Public-Private partnerships to develop affordable housing on government owned properties and private lands for working families and citizens in need of shelter.


We need to expand our economic base and promote other industries besides tourism.  I will continue my support for agricultural expansion of food production for both local consumption and exporting food products off-island.  Food Security needs to be taken seriously in the event of a shortage caused by a disaster that disrupts the transportation of food from overseas.  As Mayor, I will work with community stakeholders to develop a Food Security Plan to prepare us for a crisis. 

Health Care services are in great demand and now is the time to develop partnerships with private businesses and educational institutions to establish training programs for well-paying health care jobs.

Maui County is a special place where you find a crossroad of cultures and a plethora of natural beauty and not just a playground for recreational activities.  My administration will work with the visitor industry and other stakeholders to rebrand Maui County tourism as a place for healing and to treat with respect its natural beauty, the Hawaiian culture, and our ethnic diversity.  I am open to exploring ways to generate more revenue to reduce taxpayer costs in maintaining our parks and facilities used by tourists.


Our environment is precious to all. I will continue my commitment to work with various community groups and the Council to balance the need for housing and economic growth and being sensitive to its environmental impacts. As Mayor, I will continue to enforce laws that protect the environment and support environmental initiatives related to recycling, plastic reduction and climate change.

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